FIFA – Cultural Vision Plan: Russia 2018

The parallels between the developments of modern art and football continue well into the 21st century, where new languages and new techniques have been introduced within both the arts and the sport. This exhibition proposal examined the parallels between the two from their respective beginnings, establishing a deep insight into our global society through this unexpected lens. It is fair to say that artists over the past century and a half have felt a great deal of empathy with this sport, and have to a large degree identified with certain stars of the sport.

Mark Bradford, Soccer Ball Bag 3, 2011
Laurent Perbos, Le plus long ballon du monde, 2003
Gabriel Orozco, Atomists : Jump Over, 1996
Andreas Gursky, Fortuna Düsseldorf, 2000
Kehinde Wiley, Samuel Eto’o, 2010
Paul Pfeiffer, Caryatid (Red, Yellow, Blue), 2008
Maurizio Cattelan, Stadium, 1991